it’s hard to believe i was starting work 12 hours ago

and it was my first day on DTOB (Drive-Thru bar) and it was bananas!

it took me a while to really get the groove of things and i’m happy they didn’t have me start during a rush.

but my drive-thru times were, and i quote, ‘NOT BAD’ for my first time. 

it was really tough today, though. i found out someone i really cared about passed away yesterday. i couldn’t bail on work, though, as 

  1. i was the 3rd in so they needed me, and;
  2. work helped take my mind off of things.

anyway, i’m really tired so i’ll keep this short.


but don’t tell my feet… my achy breaky feet… i just don’t think they’d understand

hola amigos y amigas!

yes, i am alive. i apologise about my absence yesterday. i got a little carried away with working, my friend starting her half sleeve, going out for supper, making (surprisingly delicious) gluten-free brownies, and playing knights of the old republic. in other words, i was more social than i normally am. kind of.

it was also my dog’s 13th birthday yesterday. which makes her a whopping 91 in human years. coincidentally, the same age as betty white. my dog is betty white.

anyway, today started off normal. woke up at 0630 (hahaha lol jk snoozed until 0715. oops) then got ready for and headed into work.

the usual at work. i honed my skills at drive-thru, worked on bar a bit, hopped on cash. lil bit o’ this, lil bit o’ that. 11:45 rolled around and i was supa stoked because i was supposed to be off at 12 but a coworker walked in and mentioned she had a concussion so naturally, we sent her home. since i started the latest of everyone, i was asked to stay until 4 to cover part of her shift, which was no problem because $$$$. i’m a drive-thru window whiz now and i am UNSTOPPABLE!!11!!!

i spent a lot of time with sean, who is a drive-thru bar HERO. i rarely see him do anything but. anyway, he, like most other people i work with, is pretty rad.

anyway, since i wasn’t expecting to work a full 8 hour shift, i didn’t wear the appropriate footwear to work so my feet are crying and screaming hateful and hurting things at the rest of my body.

anyway, canadian thanksgiving is this monday! i’m so excited to see all of my family; both from my mother’s side and father’s side. i developed a very sincere, serious love for my family. it’s complicated to explain why and it’s hard to talk about why it’s taken me so long but maybe i’ll be comfortable enough to post about it later.

i apologise about the scattered topics in this post. nothing supremely interesting has happened in the past two days. apart from my friend starting her star wars half sleeve.

[ps if you like elton john, the song tiny dancer, joseph gordon-levitt (why i watched it), jimmy fallon, or a combination of the above, i strongly urge you to watch this video:]

set phasers to CAFFEINATED.

it’s been another great day, so far, in the auburn mermaid’s world!

i started off refreshing my skills on bar (i can now steam milk like a champ) and not to toot my own horn but i created the most densely beautiful foam i’ve ever seen. *slips on stunna shades* though, i’ve come to the decision that i need to work on whipping and drizzling my drinks; as i’ve never had a steady hand (I’M NOT AN ARTIST, OKAY) and apparently enjoy manhandling the whip bullet.

my adorable coworker also briefly touched on cold drinks and smoothies, which was super.

i also put on the headset and started training on drive-thru and wow! it was exhilarating! everything is incredibly user friendly and i love how the veteran baristas aren’t afraid to help you rise above the challenge and offer tips and tricks that help them with efficiency.

i was super tired because my baby pawed at me and made the life choice to climb all over my body, head, and pillows at, oh i don’t know, 0400. she also needed to go out to use the loo. i let her off my bed and she immediately popped a squat and peed. IMAGINE MY FRUSTRATION. anyway, i let her out and it took her two million years to finish her business.

oh god my dog farted and i think my world is ending.

because of my exhaustion, my shift supervisor allowed us a drop shot. what this is is a butt load of espresso. i think 3 shots? anyway, it’s basically a barista’s version of a tequila shot (minus the additives such as salt or citrus). it’s just straight espresso.

anyway, i was zipping here and zipping there. it honestly is what got me through my shift. so far i think i’m liking it.

every day i can feel myself improving my skills as a barista. i’m very excited to see where i’ll be in a month.

the beginning.

i started my job at starbucks on monday, september 30, not knowing exactly what to expect.

a coffee shop. save the 3 months at mcdonald’s, i have had no experience working with food, let alone a million and one varieties of caffeinated beverages.

it all started off with my manager, who is a doll, telling me about the locals and how i would very quickly start to get to know them.

i would love to go on about my training, the things they told me, tips, tricks, yada yada yada but i wanted to talk about this customer i saw.

i first noticed him on my first day; sporting a vietnam veteran trucker hat. having spent a year in america, i thought nothing of it as most veterans wore them (they also sold them in gift shops so anyone over the age of 75 could potentially sport them).

anyway, my manager, paolina, informed me and a fellow trainee that he was a frequent visitor to our store, not disclosing any other information.

every morning as i went into work for my 8 o’clock shift, he was always sitting in the same seat out on the patio, with his chocolate brown dog perched in the chair next to his, probably sipping his usual.

a few days go by and this never changed.

then wednesday, october 2, i noticed he was wearing a vietnam tshirt, tucked into a pair of dark wash jeans, held up by a thick, cognac coloured belt with VIETNAM carved around it.

i also noticed a big, red pick up truck parked outside the store, in the same spot it had been during previous days. i thought that it had belonged to the vietnamese family that comes in every day.

i was wrong. yesterday, i saw him, after purchasing his regular coffee, check out a bulletin above our condiment bar featuring an advert for a gathering for the vietnamese culture, filled his cup with coffee cream, left the building, then collected his dog from his typical seat on the patio and climbed into the red pickup truck.

i wonder what this man’s life was like. i’ve heard through the grapevine that his wife is vietnamese.

i would really like to figure this man out.