also, check this out: buzzfeed article – 21 pointlessly gendered products


dear man on the bus,

as someone who has survived sexual assault, this is disgusting. i urge all of you to stop normalising rape and contributing and normalising rape culture. it makes me sick.


if you know someone who doesn’t believe sexism exists, show them this video & direct them to this¬†twitter page.

as a survivor of abuse & sexism for 15 years, i believe it’s important to spread the word that sexism DOES exist; in both genders and that people should not be silenced.

i’m ecstatic and excited that someone is using social media to spread this message and give survivors the courage to have a voice. it shows great movement.

N.B: sexism isn’t a gender thing. it’s an ignorance thing and can happen to ANYONE.
sexual assault can also happen to anyone; regardless of age, race, gender, religious faith (including atheism)

i wouldn’t call myself a feminist, either, as this puts a pretty hat on male issues and places them on the back burner.