also, check this out: buzzfeed article – 21 pointlessly gendered products



if you know someone who doesn’t believe sexism exists, show them this video & direct them to this┬átwitter page.

as a survivor of abuse & sexism for 15 years, i believe it’s important to spread the word that sexism DOES exist; in both genders and that people should not be silenced.

i’m ecstatic and excited that someone is using social media to spread this message and give survivors the courage to have a voice. it shows great movement.

N.B: sexism isn’t a gender thing. it’s an ignorance thing and can happen to ANYONE.
sexual assault can also happen to anyone; regardless of age, race, gender, religious faith (including atheism)

i wouldn’t call myself a feminist, either, as this puts a pretty hat on male issues and places them on the back burner.