6:05 – 6:58 can be, i think in my opinion, applied to most stressed nations.

it’s difficult, though, because politics aren’t the only thing that make a stable nation. stability hangs in the balance of 5 parts and if one doesn’t support it’s own weight, the whole thing seems to collapse.



do you slut shame? then ask yourself these questions:

  1. who are you to police another person’s body?
  2. does that person’s actions directly affect you? (ie your health, well being.) N.B i don’t include happiness in this as this is something that is relative and completely your choice.
  3. who are you to reduce someone’s person (qualities, personality, etc) to a single word?
  4. do you think oppression is more socially acceptable than a person’s “rampant sex life”? (spoiler alert: it’s less.) ***
  5. do you believe in living in a patriarchy? (a system of society or government in which the father or eldest male is head of the family and descent is traced through the male line.) no? then quit encouraging misogyny. 
  6. what do you gain calling someone a slut? like really. honestly. do you gain happiness? money? fame? glory? self-satisfaction? chances are, the answer is no.

*** op·pres·sion

  1. The unjust use of power to enforce an unequal relationship and deny others rights or value.”
  2. Prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or control

Synonyms: persecution, abuse, maltreatment, ill-treatment, tyranny, despotism, repression, suppression, subjection.

just don’t do it. quit judging people based on their life choices.


Listen Up, Libertarians: Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Slut-Shame

“you’re really fucked up”

i got into this really huge fight with my mum (go figure. we always fight.)

anyway, it ended with me vomiting, almost pulling my own hair out (literally) and crying hysterically. that woman can be so mean.

she and i argued about our ideals and how she figured i always try to push mine onto hers, which is a complete and total fallacy. i’m simply trying to show her a new way of thinking; whether or not she accepts it is beyond me. she gets defensive and all hell breaks loose.

anyway, i can handle any argument until they attack my person.

the argument was, “you’re really fucked up. no one no one wants to date you.”

really? i understand i’m fucked up.

i was sexually assaulted on a regular basis FOR 7 YEARS starting at a young age, i’ve lived to see my mother divorce. twice. i’ve been in and out of abusive situations my whole life but thank you for noticing, mom. thanks a bunch. it’s honestly about time. it’s not like i’ve told you a how unhappy i am.

just next time, please be more constructive. please be nicer. i still have unresolved feelings. i still have things i haven’t dealt with. i’m still hurting. 

i’ve been angry and frustrated and i’ve been existing in my own world and it’s a horrible place to be and i don’t know how to get out. i just want to get out. the flashbacks and night terrors have been rampant. i’m exhausted and terrified of sleeping or being alone or in the dark or just everything.

i need someone who isn’t emotionally selfish.

it’s hard to believe i was starting work 12 hours ago

and it was my first day on DTOB (Drive-Thru bar) and it was bananas!

it took me a while to really get the groove of things and i’m happy they didn’t have me start during a rush.

but my drive-thru times were, and i quote, ‘NOT BAD’ for my first time. 

it was really tough today, though. i found out someone i really cared about passed away yesterday. i couldn’t bail on work, though, as 

  1. i was the 3rd in so they needed me, and;
  2. work helped take my mind off of things.

anyway, i’m really tired so i’ll keep this short.

set phasers to CAFFEINATED.

it’s been another great day, so far, in the auburn mermaid’s world!

i started off refreshing my skills on bar (i can now steam milk like a champ) and not to toot my own horn but i created the most densely beautiful foam i’ve ever seen. *slips on stunna shades* though, i’ve come to the decision that i need to work on whipping and drizzling my drinks; as i’ve never had a steady hand (I’M NOT AN ARTIST, OKAY) and apparently enjoy manhandling the whip bullet.

my adorable coworker also briefly touched on cold drinks and smoothies, which was super.

i also put on the headset and started training on drive-thru and wow! it was exhilarating! everything is incredibly user friendly and i love how the veteran baristas aren’t afraid to help you rise above the challenge and offer tips and tricks that help them with efficiency.

i was super tired because my baby pawed at me and made the life choice to climb all over my body, head, and pillows at, oh i don’t know, 0400. she also needed to go out to use the loo. i let her off my bed and she immediately popped a squat and peed. IMAGINE MY FRUSTRATION. anyway, i let her out and it took her two million years to finish her business.

oh god my dog farted and i think my world is ending.

because of my exhaustion, my shift supervisor allowed us a drop shot. what this is is a butt load of espresso. i think 3 shots? anyway, it’s basically a barista’s version of a tequila shot (minus the additives such as salt or citrus). it’s just straight espresso.

anyway, i was zipping here and zipping there. it honestly is what got me through my shift. so far i think i’m liking it.

every day i can feel myself improving my skills as a barista. i’m very excited to see where i’ll be in a month.


if you know someone who doesn’t believe sexism exists, show them this video & direct them to this twitter page.

as a survivor of abuse & sexism for 15 years, i believe it’s important to spread the word that sexism DOES exist; in both genders and that people should not be silenced.

i’m ecstatic and excited that someone is using social media to spread this message and give survivors the courage to have a voice. it shows great movement.

N.B: sexism isn’t a gender thing. it’s an ignorance thing and can happen to ANYONE.
sexual assault can also happen to anyone; regardless of age, race, gender, religious faith (including atheism)

i wouldn’t call myself a feminist, either, as this puts a pretty hat on male issues and places them on the back burner.

despite recently having started my job at starbucks, i find myself applying for an open-ended job at my favourite website. don’t get me wrong, starbucks is great. but working, from home, at my favourite website would be just peachy!

as i zip through the quirky yet in depth application process, i find myself stumped by one of the questions they’ve asked:

“Tell us about yourself in 100 words or less”

and all of a sudden i know nothing about myself. i’ve spent 3 years analyzing why i do the things i do, say the things i say, and why i have succeeded in some areas and failed in others… and i blank out!

…then all of a sudden, i forget what i was thinking about and just really want a breakfast sandwich. DAMNIT.

3+ years of self-evaluation and i’m still not sure what track my mind is on. or how it works, for that matter.

the beginning.

i started my job at starbucks on monday, september 30, not knowing exactly what to expect.

a coffee shop. save the 3 months at mcdonald’s, i have had no experience working with food, let alone a million and one varieties of caffeinated beverages.

it all started off with my manager, who is a doll, telling me about the locals and how i would very quickly start to get to know them.

i would love to go on about my training, the things they told me, tips, tricks, yada yada yada but i wanted to talk about this customer i saw.

i first noticed him on my first day; sporting a vietnam veteran trucker hat. having spent a year in america, i thought nothing of it as most veterans wore them (they also sold them in gift shops so anyone over the age of 75 could potentially sport them).

anyway, my manager, paolina, informed me and a fellow trainee that he was a frequent visitor to our store, not disclosing any other information.

every morning as i went into work for my 8 o’clock shift, he was always sitting in the same seat out on the patio, with his chocolate brown dog perched in the chair next to his, probably sipping his usual.

a few days go by and this never changed.

then wednesday, october 2, i noticed he was wearing a vietnam tshirt, tucked into a pair of dark wash jeans, held up by a thick, cognac coloured belt with VIETNAM carved around it.

i also noticed a big, red pick up truck parked outside the store, in the same spot it had been during previous days. i thought that it had belonged to the vietnamese family that comes in every day.

i was wrong. yesterday, i saw him, after purchasing his regular coffee, check out a bulletin above our condiment bar featuring an advert for a gathering for the vietnamese culture, filled his cup with coffee cream, left the building, then collected his dog from his typical seat on the patio and climbed into the red pickup truck.

i wonder what this man’s life was like. i’ve heard through the grapevine that his wife is vietnamese.

i would really like to figure this man out.