About the Blogger

irish, french canadian, anishinaabe (ojibwe). sooo in other words super canadian. but i’m proud of it and wouldn’t change it for the world.

i like 3 things:

  • janis joplin & jeff bridges
  • star trek
  • phở

i also enjoy tacky things, popular culture, disney cross overs, star wars/star trek crossovers. actually, i just enjoy cross overs. vegan food (though i’ve NEVER met a chicken i didn’t like) and reading.

i believe that the earth is our sister and we should love it and treat it as such. it is not a weapon. it is not a convenience. it is not a resource. it is as important as your mind, your body, and your soul. the same goes for the animals. we owe them, and the earth, everything.

i’ve been very sad for a very long time but i’ve finally started to accept myself for who i am and my past for what is it.

i’m pro choice and pro equality (ask me how i feel about prostitution. i dare you.) and i am incredibly opinionated.

my hair is the same colour as a lay’s ketchup chips bag. (HOLLA AT ME FELLOW CANADIANS)

also, i’m incredibly long winded and the things i say don’t often make much sense. forgive me haha.

life is short so forget about the mundane and do every damn thing you’ve ever dreamed of.

enjoy your life!



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